Electric street sweeper TSM ITALA 135

Silent and with zero emissions

TSM ITALA 135 is a compact, fully electric sweeper for efficient street and urban cleaning. Adapted for universal use as a machine with an on-board operator or a walk-behind sweeper. Thanks to the combination of mechanical sweeping and a vacuum system with a filter, it is able to clean big and small debris at high speed, as well as fine dust from any surface. The model is also equipped with a hose to clean bulky waste, reaching narrow spaces such as flower beds, side benches and more. The machine can sweep with or without additional use of water thanks to its filter system with a polyester filter capturing even the finest PM10 dust. The TSM ITALA 135 is compact, efficient and easy to use and can be operated by anyone without the need for a driving license. On the other hand, the machine is robust, reliable and easy to maintain.

The small size, maneuverability and extremely quiet operation make TSM ITALA the perfect choice for cleaning pedestrian areas, bike lanes, parks and gardens, as well as small and medium-sized industrial and logistical sites.


Model ITALA 135 BT
Power supply Electric, Batteries 4x6V (24V)
Total power 1900W
Productivity 6500 m2/h
Cleaning path 1250 - 1350 mm
Hopper/Bin capacity 135 l
Max speed 6,5 km/h
Max gradient 20%
Noise level 70 dB (A)
Work time 10 hours

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