General terms

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I. General provisions

1.1. Website information:

1.1.1. The website contains general information (including video and audio content) on the international activities of the STAMH corporate group, offering an extensive catalog of automated and mechanized solutions developed for business.

1.1.2. Given the international nature of the STAMH Group, which comprises 12 companies in different countries, the website discloses information on the group's global business operations, as well as on projects implemented in individual countries. However, the website is owned and operated by the leading Bulgarian company in the economic group, STAMH LTD OOD, incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, with its registered office in the Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia.

1.1.3. The website contains, in certain places, links and contact details for the individual STAMH Group companies. The respective Stamh group company to which the personal data has been provided will be a responsible entity for the communications and personal data shared. When communicating with individual companies from the Stamh group and processing personal data, the respective data recipient company will use a legally compliant method to notify the data subjects how their personal data is processed and what their rights are in this regard.


1.2. Definitions

The following terms shall have the following meanings:

"Company" and/or "STAMH" means STAMH LTD OOD, a company under the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, registered in the Commercial Register and the Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities at the Registry Agency with UIC 130322346, with its head seat and registered address in Sofia, 1404, Triaditsa District, 19 Dimitar Sagaev Str., telephone: +359 700 42 111, e-mail:;


'User' means any natural person visiting or using the content of this website for user purposes;

"Website" means, representing property of STAMH;

"Privacy Policies" means the uploaded Privacy Notice for individuals - customers, contractors, and suppliers, and Cookie Policy on the Website;


1.3. Subject to the General Terms and Conditions

1.3.1. These General Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between the Company and Users in relation to the use of the Website’s content.

1.3.2. Each User of the Website shall comply with these General Terms and Conditions and the applicable law. If the User does not wish to accept these General Terms and Conditions or has not informed himself/herself of them, he/she should immediately cease visiting the Website and using its contents.

1.3.3. The content of the Website is provided for information purposes only. The use of the Website by Users and the consequences thereof, including any damages (direct or indirect) incurred, payments, penalties, or lost profits, are the sole responsibility of the User. The same applies to consequences related to the inability to access the content of the Website.

1.3.4. In the event that the Company's rights are violated by the User, when using the Website, that User's access to the content of the Website may be denied or restricted without notice.

1.3.5 The Website may be freely viewed by Users without the need for mandatory registration. The use of the Website and its content are free of charge.


1.4. Awareness

1.4.1. The Website provides in accordance with applicable legislation the opportunity for Users to inform themselves through these General Terms and Conditions on how to use this Website. Through a clearly visible notice with hyperlinks/references to the relevant General Terms and Conditions, Users can further understand how their personal data is processed through this Website and what measures STAMH has taken to protect their privacy.

1.4.2 It is the User's obligation to read these General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policies of the Website.


II. Rights and Obligations

2.1. The content on this Website is provided for use only for purposes permitted by law and constitutes the property of the Company and/or third parties with whom additional agreements have been entered into or permission has been sought to work with their materials.

2.2. The Company shall take due care to publish only up-to-date and accurate information. Nevertheless, the Company is not able to guarantee the immediate updating of the information on the Website and does not exclude the possibility of errors, delays, omissions, inactivity, or loss of data due to technical or human factors, and therefore does not assume any liability in this regard.

2.3. STAMH reserves the right to correct any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the information presented on the Website, if found, and to make any changes to the content and appearance (design) of the Website in general, whenever it deems it necessary.

2.4. The information provided on the Website is valid only at the time it is provided.

2.5. It is prohibited to use, copy, modify, or provide information or parts of this Website, its programming code, design, and functionality to third parties/systems without the express written approval of the owners of the content/Website. The only exceptions are the statutory frameworks for personal use or in order to inform third parties about the content provided by the Website, without prejudice to the rights of the content owners.

2.6. The User undertakes not to use the contact or feedback forms and other functionalities of the Website to violate its functionality, integrity, content, and/or the purpose, and not to use the Website to collect information or send false messages on behalf of the Company owner of this Website or to Users of the Website.

2.7. Users shall comply with all applicable laws regarding access to and use of this Website.

2.8. The Company, as a personal data controller, has the right to process the personal data provided by the Website Users in accordance with the Privacy Policy and applicable law.

2.9. In case of disagreements and disputes, the User may refer the dispute for alternative resolution to a conciliation commission at the Bulgarian Consumer Protection Commission:, or file a complaint on the online dispute resolution website:

III. Links, advertisements, and third-party content

3.1. The Website may contain hyperlinks/references to other webpages, graphic images provided by advertisers, and customers, and embedded in article/content videos /images provided by third parties/other webpages. The Company does not accept any liability whatsoever in respect of these webpages, videos, and images provided by third parties.

3.2. The content of this Website is provided solely for the benefit of the User and should facilitate the use of the Website without contravening these terms and conditions and applicable law. In the event that you notice content and/or any portion thereof on this Website which, as a result of a technological error or changed by a third party, does not comply with the requirements of these Terms and Conditions and applicable law and which we have not corrected/removed, you may notify us, using any of the methods of contacting us provided above.

3.3. Links from third parties and web pages to the Website are permitted in cases where the reputation and interests of the Company are not infringed. If you wish to advertise or add a link from your page/brochure or other resource to this Website, please contact us.


IV. Personal data

4.1. The personal data provided by the User when using this Website is used to respond to the inquiries made by the User, to improve the Website, to contact Users, for marketing and statistical purposes, to accept requests and send services to Users, etc.

4.2. This Website uses cookies, including third parties, which allow tracking of Users' behavior when using the Website. This tracking is based on a cookie installed on the User's web browser, creating for the latter a unique identifier. Cookies for the tracking, analysis, and marketing of this Website are optional and must be explicitly accepted, respectively can be rejected by selecting the appropriate setting in the Cookie Banner, which you can access at any time when visiting the Website.

4.3. When sending a message via the contact/request form on this Website, the user is aware that the processing of his personal data is necessary for feedback to him. The feedback does not have exact deadlines for execution, as it depends on the subject of the request/request and other factors such as time of submission, for example, but except in private cases or due to technical impossibility, the User will receive feedback as soon as possible. No response will be provided if the content of the request is malicious, vulgar, or has other inappropriate content.


V. Final clauses

5.1. Other agreements between the Company and Users in relation to the use of the Website shall take precedence in conflict with these terms and conditions.

5.2. Certain parts of the Website may have additional terms of use or limit access.

5.3. For all matters not settled with these General Terms and Conditions the current Bulgarian legislation shall apply.


VI. Changes to the terms and conditions, contacting us

6.1. The Company reserves the right to change these General Terms and Conditions and the related Privacy Policies at any time without prior notice. The amended General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies will be posted on the relevant access links available on this Website. The amendments shall come into force from the moment they are published on the Website, and Users agree to them when continuing to use the Website.

6.2. If you believe that the terms and conditions of the site have been breached, please contact us using any of the contact methods listed above.