▷ Conveyor Systems for Pallets

>> Conveyors reduce transportation times and efforts. The conveyor systems for pallets are robust solutions, engineered for each specific need;
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Pallets conveyors play an important role in the material intralogistics flow. Pallets conveyor systems provide a significant reduction in transport times between the goods receiving area and the storage location or between the production and picking areas. Preferably - in a fully automated way.


Automation is important for high efficiency – it is better to understand the benefits from streamlined planning processes and low installation workload with flexible design options. The Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform is the perfect solution for handling and transporting pallets in the warehouse, the production base, or the distribution center. Pallets conveyor modularity provides the perfect solution for creating comprehensive storage and conveyor solutions for all kinds of applications.


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What are the main modules, part of the pallets conveyor system?

  • Roller Conveyors

The Roller Conveyor is suited for horizontal transportation of loaded and empty pallets. The rollers can be relocated quickly due to the tangential force and frame design. The chain tensioning station allows easy re-tensioning of the roller chain. The rigid frame profiles serve as side guides. The drive can be installed on the right side or optionally on the left in the transportation direction.

Floor irregularities can be easily compensated with the adjustable bases of the modules.
Roller conveyor module

  • Chain Conveyors

The module is available with two or three chains. If you plan to transport unpacked materials or packed goods, the pallet has low quality or weighs more than 1000 kg, we recommend using the three-chain conveyor module.

Chain conveyors are also used for horizontal transportation of full and empty pallets. For each chain run, these chain conveyors use a duplex precision roller chain with straight links. The running station is positioned between the sides. Floor irregularities can be easily compensated with the adjustable bases of the entire chain of conveyor elements.

  • Lifts

These conveyors transport unit loads to higher or lower levels. With the modular system, we can supply different arrangements to suit different applications.

  • Chain transfer

The chain transfer is used for a 90° change of direction for horizontal transport of full and empty pallets. For each chain run, a duplex precision roller chain with straight links is used as a transport chain. 

  • Turntables

The Turntable is used to change the direction of full and empty pallets. The turn can be between 0° and 270°. The efficient turning motion is made using a precision roller chain with drive, transmitted from a sprocket connected directly to the motor shaft. The turning accuracy and precision are managed via a robust ball bearing. Floor irregularities can easily be compensated with adjustable supports.


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Benefits at a glance:

  • Transportation of individual weights of up to 1,200 kg.
  • Temperature range from –28 to +40 C;
  • The conveyors' system runs at variable speed, depending on clients needs;
  • Integrates positioning functions;
  • Minimal installation effort and costs;
  • Space-saving engineering;
  • Simple planning and flexible design.
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