Manual sweeper EUREKA Picobello 101 151

Enjoy the ability of just grab and sweep

EUREKA Picobello is a manual sweeper suitable for a variety of applications. It is fast and cost effective. Sweeps in both direction - forward and backward. Brushes of Picoebllo are driven by belts connected to the rear wheels and there are no electrical parts. It can sweep dust, sand, gravel, wooden or metal chips and all kind of small and medium size debris.

Picobello 151 Ecovac is a very innovative manual sweeper, as it is equipped with a patented system that enables the complete control of dust, which would otherwise be raised when using any other traditional manual sweeper. When the machine is pushed, either forward or reverse, the side wheel activates the main brush and in addition, a drive shaft connected to the vacuum fan which enables the suction of dust during the cleaning job. 

Picobello has an unlimited running time, it is completely silent and 100% ecological which makes it a perfect choice for cleaning of all kind of spaces without causing inconvenience. Thanks to high performance and compactness the machine can be employed anywhere there are small to medium floor areas to be kept dust-free.


Model Picobello 101 Picobello 151 Ecovac
Power supply Mechanical Mechanical
Productivity 2190 m2/h 2190 m2/h
Vacuum-filter system No No
Cleaning width 73 сm 73 сm
Waste container front/rear 26 / 4 l 26 / 4 l
Weight 24,5 kg 25,5 kg

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