Case sealer COMARME GEM 320 350 360


Semi-automatic taping machine which seals with adhesive tape the upper and lower parts of fixed-format boxes with manual adjustment. GEM320 is the simplest and most economical solution for rationalising the closure process and for optimising the costs of taping boxes in full. GEM320 is equipped with a box feed system consisting of lower drive belts. The top taping unit has a patented system which, by regulating a spring, enables the subsequent weight on the box to be preset and therefore any differences in height of the boxes to be absorbed. Adjustment by means of handwheels is easy and fast, enabling use by non-specialist operatives.

Semi-automatic, taping machine which seals with  adhesive tape the upper and lower parts of fixed-format  boxes with manual adjustment. GEM 350/360 is especially  suitable for sealing tall, narrow boxes as four belts, two upper and two lower ,horizontal and parallel to the work surface are used for conveying. GEM 350/360 can also be used for irregularly shaped boxes.


Technical data GEM 320 GEM 350 GEM 360
Productivity 1000 box/hour 1000 box/hour 1000 box/hour
Box Lenght min. 150 mm min. 150 mm min. 150 mm
Box Width 140 - 520 mm 140 - 520 mm 155 - 670 mm
Box Height 100 - 520 mm 100 - 520 mm 100 - 670 mm

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