Automatic stretch wrapping machine PKG DISCOVERY-A

Automatic machine that is an excellent solution for the final stage of any production line

PKG DISCOVERY-A is an automatic machine that is an excellent solution for the final stage of any production like, where the product is wrapped on a pallet. Machine has a rotating platform with roller conveyer and can be incorporated in the production line and automatic clamp and cutting system for the film. As option a top pressure unit can be installed, which makes it possible to wrap pallets with very light and unstable loads. PKG DISCOVERY-A is also available with system for automaticly placing a top cover sheet on top of the pallets, thus protecting the finished product from external atmosphe influences such as rain, moisture, dust, etc. The top version MPS2 carriage can pre-stretch the film up to 400% ensuring maxmimum savings. This is an uncompromising solution for automatic pallet wrapping.


Carriage type  Electric brake (EB) Electric brake with pre-stretch (MPS) Electric brake with pre-stretch (MPS2)
Film stretch 20-50% 150/200/250/300% (motorized fixed) 120-400% (motorized variable)
Film tenssion adjustment Electric Electric Electric
Recommended stretch film ENOxtreme ENOevopower / ENOfuture ENOfuture
Productivity up to 35 pallets/hour
Turntable diameter 1800 mm
Max. pallet size 1200х1000 mm
Max. pallet weight

2000 kg

Max. wrapping height 2000 mm (higher on request)
Height of conveyor 400-500 mm

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