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Compact warehousing archive system, designed for documents, books, and valuable libraries preservation. Perfect for offices, archives, libraries, and publishing houses
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Movibloc is a compact archive storage system made of shelving blocks or lockers, mounted on mobile bases, and smoothly sliding on rails. It is designed to take maximum advantage of the storage space. All, but one of the aisles between the Moviblock blocks remains open for storage and retrieval operations. The Movibloc blocs move laterally to access the required aisle. Eliminating aisles, the system increases the capacity of your storage area. This racking system ensures perfect preservation and protection;

The system can be adapted to any storage space, even libraries and archives with reduced natural light and vertical space. Movibloc ensures the perfect conservation of cultural, historical, and official books, prints, collection of scientific, and artistic literature and reports, manuscripts, paleotypes, antique prints, rare and valuable editions, rich references collections, Bulgarian and foreign periodicals, audiovisual and electronic documents, original works of art, personal libraries and many more;

The Movibloc Storage System makes sure that archived materials are stored in order. They are clean and safe. Mobile blocs adapt completely to the available space and to the characteristics of the product, you need to store. The Movibloc archive storage system is perfect for storing all kinds of books and documents, making it perfect for offices, libraries, publishing houses, technical archives, etc. It can also be used to store other types of small articles, such as pharmaceutical products, spare parts, and many more;



  • It's a very compact solution;
  • There are also, heavy-duty Movibloc modifications;
  • It's a modular system and can be adapted to any space;
  • Perfect for the preservation of all types of books and documents for decades ahead;
  • Aesthetically designed with light tones, the system fits well in any environment;
  • Security and limited access - if needed;
  • Adjustable levels, depending on the storage needs;



Do not waste your time, contact us and together we will find the right solution for you and your business Request an offer