Compact warehousing archive system, designed to achieve best distribution and perfect order


Movibloc is a compact archive storage system comprising of shelving or lockers mounted on mobile bases which slide along rails. This means that all but one of the aisles between the shelving units are eliminated and the modules are moved to access the required aisle.

The system optimizes the available space, guaranteeing that archived material is kept in order, clean and safe.

Mobile lockers adapt completely to the available space and to the characteristics of the product being stored. 

It is ideal for storage of all kinds of books and documents, making it a perfect system for offices, libraries, publishing houses, technical archives etc. It can also be used to store other types of small articles, such as pharmaceutical products or spare parts.


  • Best use of space as it is a compact storage system
  • Can be adapted to any available space
  • Total security of filed material
  • Ideal for the storage of all types of books and documents
  • Aesthetically designed with light tones of finishing, the system fits well in any environment

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