Mezzanine system

Systems that double (with one storey) or triple (on two storeys) the surface of warehouses and premises.


Mezzanines are steel structures made out of main beams, secondary beams and columns. They create new elevated surfaces on warehouse or premises floors, enabling extra space for storage, work areas, offices, etc. in a quick and inexpensive way.

Considering that land is an increasingly rare and expensive commodity, especially in urban areas, mezzanines offer a cost-effective and highly versatile solution for companies that need to increase their storage surface are without affecting their bottom line, or when it is not possible to expand warehouse due to the nature of space. 
Installing a mezzanine double or triples storage surface area. It is the best way to solve space problems at a minimal cost.

Mezzanine floors are totally dismountable. That means that all elements are recoverable and their structure, dimensions and location can be easily modified.


  • Multiplies surface space in industrial premises
  • Adaptable to any specific needs thanks to the great variety of sizes available, types of floors, construction systems etc.
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • They can be combined with any racking or shelving system

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