Live storage

Ideal system to store perishable goods with high rotation, as well as high consumption goods with a continuos floux.


Live storage racking system for palletized loads are compact structures that incorporate roller track sections placed on a slope lane to allow the pallets sliding. The pallets are placed at the highest part of the rolling section and move by the forces of gravity and at controlled speed towards the other end where they remain until ready to be removed.

This minimizes the time needed for certain operations and saves working space. Live storage enables perfect rotation of stored products applying FIFO system. This makes it ideal for storing perishable goods.

The huge advantages and versatility of this system make it suitable for use in any industry or distribution sector such as food, automobile, pharmaceutical, chemical, etc.


  • Optimal turnover of items in FIFO method
  • Maximize capacity of available warehouse space
  • Perfect control of goods
  • Possibility of integrating of Pick to light system
  • Minimum time for order  preparation
  • Wide variety of articles in front of the rack

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