Rotary arm wrapping machine PKG NIMBLY

Basic, semi-automatic, wrapping machine for pallets with rotary arm

Semi-automatic, easy-to-use stretch wrapper with rotary arm, great operational reliability, robust and complete with all performance features. Ideal for use with standard or pre-stretched films. What differs the rotary arm machines from turntables is that the pallet stays stationary on the ground - no loading and unloading is needed and no turning of the pallet during wrapping, which makes this machines more suitable for light and unstable loads.


Technical data NIMBLY MB NIMBLY EB
Carriage type Mechanical brake (MB) Electric brake (EB)
Film stretch 20-50% (mechanical)
Film tenssion adjustment Mechanical Electric
Recommended stretch film ENOxtreme
Max. pallet size 1200x1200 mm
Max. wrapping height 2200 mm

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