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Semi-automatic case sealer COMARME GEM X350 X360

Semi-automatic random case sealer with horizontal top & bottom belts
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Semi-automatic, self-dimensioning, taping machine which seals with adhesive tape the upper and lower parts of uniform boxes. GEM X350/X360 is expecially suitable for sealing tall, narrow boxes as four belts, two upper and two lower, horizontal and parallel to the work surface,are used for conveying. The use of a single motor for driving the four conveyor belts simultaneously is totally innovative and patented, allowing smooth and even feeding of the boxes. The speed of the upper and lower belts is in fact the same in mechanical terms. The upper taping unit has a patented system which, by means of a pneumatic device, enables the subsequent weight on the box to be preset and therefore any differences in height of the boxes to be absorbed. GEM X350/X360 is equipped with mechanical side arms. The box is held on the work table with the bottom flaps folded and ready to be filled. The taping machine, combined with conveyors at outfeed, represents an effective and economic packaging station.


Technical data GEM X350 GEM X360
Productivity 600 box/hour 600 box/hour
Box Lenght min. 150 мм min. 150 мм
Box Width 130 - 520 mm 155 - 670 mm
Box Height 100 - 500 mm 100 - 670 mm

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