Automated Storage Systems and Conveyor (Transport) Systems, tailored for the specific needs of each stored good. Maximum automation in warehouses.
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Automated Storage Systems and Conveyor (Transport) Systems are always tailored for the specific needs of each warehouse and product. They lead to maximum automation of the process and error elimination in all warehouse activities.

STAMH has a solution for every warehouse! We provide complex Automated Storage Systems and Conveyor (transport) Systems for any requirement, depending on the type, weight, specificity and characteristics of the stored goods, as well as the specific needs and requirements of the client.

Discover and request an offer here for: Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP vertical lift system, Kardex Remstar Megamat RS Automated Vertical Carousel or the Kardex Remstar horizontal carousel, Kardex Remstar Vertical Buffer Modul


  • The Conveyor (Transport) Systems for pallets, boxes or sorting centers are one of the most important parts of a faster and reliable warehouse system. They are at the heart of any successful logistics solution.


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