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WMS системите, които STAMH Solutions внедрява концентрират и управляват най-важните процеси в склада или дистрибуционния център
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The warehouse software, also known as WMS (Warehouse Management System), is a solution that leads to better management of teams, resources, and machines in the warehouse. The logistics software ensures better quality control, inventory management, and successful and organized intralogistics operations;

The WMS from STAMH Solutions allows real-time data analysis, continuous monitoring, and, if necessary, changes to improve its performance. All processes in the warehouse are optimized, and the software can operate in multiple languages when implemented in warehouses, logistics hubs, or distribution centers of international companies;

The team at STAMH Solutions is available to assist you with the integration of the latest generation WMS and synchronize it with your ERP, TMS, or automated warehouse systems.