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The Radio Shuttle Storage System is a semi-automated pallet racking system. This storage system for pallets is the perfect solution for warehouses with high pallets capacity and intensive loading and unloading works. This system reduces the time for each operation using a remote-controlled platform, moving independently.
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Maximum efficiency and speed for pallets storage and retrieval of loads from 25 to 1,500 kg.


Radio Shuttle Pallets Racks are a semi-automated solution for the storage of high-volume palletized goods and mass storage products. They are often used in warehouses and distribution hubs for food, beverages, or warehouses with special storage conditions.


Radio Shuttle is especially effective for distribution or logistics centers, where you may need quick and efficient supply and distribution. 

At the same time, this type of Pallets Storage and Retrieval System allows maximum optimization of storage capacity as it reduces the need for corridors between the racks. With this system, you store different amounts of pallets in-depth, according to specific needs or seasonal load. At the same time, each pallet is quickly accessible.



Fast, accurate, and cost-effective storage and retrieval of pallets


The Radio Shuttle Racks System uses radio-controlled platforms, moving autonomously along the rack itself. The special design and engineering provided by STAMH allow the platform to move smoothly, whether it's storing or retrieving a pallet at this moment.

Material handling machines don't need to enter the aisles of the Radio Shuttle Storage System, to place or retrieve a pallet. This significantly reduces the distances they cover, the need for new lifting equipment, maintenance costs, and operators and drivers.

The steel structure of the racks in the warehouse suffers less damage because the lifting machine doesn't need to enter the racking system to place or remove a pallet.

Each Radio Shuttle shuttle platform counts on very durable lithium batteries with long autonomy, sufficient for over 16 hours of constant operations. At the same time, charging is extremely fast and can be done in less than 3 hours.

The forklift driver easily commands the automated shuttle platform for all storage and retrieval movements using a remote control. As there are no forklifts in the storage tunnels and thanks to the construction of the system, the risk of accidents is very reduced. At the same time, storage capacity is significantly increased. 


STAMH designs deliver and install Radio Shuttle Storage Systems, not only in Bulgaria.

Radio Shuttle Racks and Racking Systems



Speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for pallets storage and retrieval


  • Speed of the Radio Shuttle Platform is up to 0.8 m/s (loaded) to 1 m./s.(ublodaded).

  • This warehouse racking system is suitable for different types of pallets: euro pallets, industrial pallets, and combined pallets. Of course, the platform can also transport large bags, plastic pallets, and more.

  • Each pallet can weigh from 25 kg. to 1500 kg.

  • ❄️ This Storage System is used in refrigerated warehouses and also works at temperatures below -20 °C;

  • The depth of the storage corridor of each pallet unit is practically unlimited. The Radio Shuttle shelving system can be adapted for different storage spaces.

  • The price includes extremely durable, industrial batteries. They ensure 16 hours of operations and reduced charging times. The electromechanical lifting device is easy to maintain.

  • The Radio Shuttle Racks System for warehouses works both with LIFO and FIFO storage methods.


Installing a Radio Shuttle Storage System ensures a significant reduction in pallet loading and unloading times, optimized and accelerated warehousing processes, and increased warehouse capacity and storage space.


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