Radio Shuttle Racking System for Express Logistics and Distribution ltd.

  • Client: Express Logistics and Distribution Ltd.
  • Industry: Distribution of tobacco and tobacco products
  • Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Period of implementation of the project: 6 Months for the development of the engineering project, 1 month to produce all needed materials and installation in only 2 weeks. Installation was made during Christmas Holidays, not to interrupt the ongoing processes in the logistics center.
  • Challenge: The existing warehouse was too small for the needs of the client. It needed to be expanded, with a new system, allowing maximum use of available volume. Express Logistics and Distribution Ltd. needed a fast and easy-to-maintain system -  Radio Shuttle. On the other hand, as the system is along the entire length of the warehouse, STAMH engineering and project management teams, needed to design a special tunnel for the material handling machines and the operators. Of course, the tunnel needed to be completely secure and safe.=
  • Solution from STAMH: A completely new Radio Shuttle Storage System, able to store and retrieve palletized loads from 25 to 1500 kg. each. The shuttle platform is operated remotely. This system brought speed, automation of the storage and retrieval of pallets, security, and more efficiency to the logistics base.
  • Achievement: Taking into consideration the complicated COVID-19 situations, the project was fulfilled without major complications. Design, engineering, logistics and delivery if all needed materials were made on time. All installation processes went smoothly without any clients remarks.