Ride-on sweeper EUREKA Magnum HD

NOTHING BUT HEAVY DUTY! The Magnum is a fully hydraulic industrial sweeping machine designed to be productive, durable and it offers enhanced driving comfort along an increased value for money

EUREKA Magnum HD with its high productivity, compact size and excellent maneuverability is particularly suitable for cleaning of very large areas. The construction of the sweeper is exceptionally strong to allow the machine to handle the toughest applications. The model is featuring a fully hydraulic driven traction, container lift, brushes and vacuum fan which enable the machine to clean the dirtiest floors very rapidly and keep routine maintenance extremely simple, thus reducing downtime. Self-leveling V-shaped main brush with possibility to adjust the pressure from the operator’s position. Retractable, anti-shock side brushes (AMSD system – a EUREKA patent) permit cleaning right to the edge of the floor into confined areas. Efficient filtering system with automatic filter shaker allows sweeping in the dustiest of environments. Large diameter tyres, non marking, full rubber type. The model is perfect for sweeping of industrial sites, warehouses, logistical depots, loading bays, parking lots, shipyards, alleys, parks, etc. Magnum HD is the perfect solution for cleaning large indoor and outdoor spaces such as industrial areas, warehouses, logistics terminals, parking lots, streets, alleys and more. Model is available in 3 versions:

  • Magnum EB - battery powered
  • Magnum HDK - powered by diesel engine
  • Magnum HGK - powered by petrol/LPG engine


Power supply Battery 36V

Diesel engine

Kubota 20,6 hp

Petrol/LPG engine

Kubota 29,5 hp

Productivity 13 730 m2/h 18 720 m2/h 17 940 m2/h
Cleaning width 156 cm 156 cm 156 cm
Waste container 236 l 236 l 236 l
Max speed 8,8 km/h 11,5 km/h 12 km/h
Max gradient 10% (18%) 18% (20%) 18% (20%)

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