Ride-on sweeper EUREKA Xtrema

The Xtrema is an industrial floor sweeper that features efficient hydraulically driven traction, lifting debris container, brushes and vacuum fan, which together enable it to sweep all surfaces rapidly and efficiently

EURKA Xtrema is a compact, completely hydraulic controlled high dump sweeper designed to sweep congested areas as well as large floor spaces. Hydraulically driven traction, container lift, brushes and vacuum fan, enable the Xtrema to clean the dirtiest floors very rapidly and keep routine maintenance very simple thus reducing downtime. The main brush floats for better performances on uneven floors, and automatically adjusts itself to the wear. The model is perfect for sweeping of indoor or outdoor areas as industrial sites, warehouses, logistical depots, loading bays, parking lots, shipyards, alleys, parks, etc. Available in two version:

  • Xtrema EB - battery powered
  • Xtrema HDK - powered by diesel engine


Model Xtrema EB  Xtrema HDK
Power supply Batteries 24V

Diesel engine

Kubota 14 hp

Productivity 11 200 m2/h 12 600 m2/h
Cleaning width 140 cm 140 cm
Waste container 150 l 150 l
Max speed 8 km/h 9 km/h
Max gradient 15% 20%

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