Shrink wrapping machine PKG EASYFLEX

Semi-automatic srink wrapping machine

PKG EASYFLEX is a semi-automatic, two-reel (PE) heat shrink packaging machine. The machine is manually loaded, making it suitable for medium-volume industries where packaging sizes and formats often need to change. PKG EASYFLEX is manufactured in four sizes depending on the size of the product packaged.


  • Semi-automatic shrink-wrapper, with manual loading.
  • Two-reels of shrinkable polyethylene one-sheet (LDPE).
  • Manual loading on the infeed table.
  • Ideal for small or medium speed production, where packs can be single or collated and frequently changed in size and shape.
  • Total closing of the pack by overlapping the film edges.
  • Available either in mono-bloc version or with sealer separated from the tunnel

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