Walk-behind scrubber-dryer EUREKA E46

Small dimensions, exceptional productivity

EUREKA Е46 is compact and maneuverable walk-behind scrubber-dryer. It is the ideal solution for cleaning and daily maintenance of small and medium spaces not accessible for bigger machine. The model is suitable for areas between 500 m2 and 2000 m2. E46 wash and dry the floor perfectly even close to obstacles or confined areas thanks to the maneuverability of the machine and the adjustable handle. The machine is available either driven by maintanance-free batteries, which allow for up to an impressive 2h 40 minutes of continuous operation or cable powered for unlimited running time.

Main advantages:

  • Cable or battery powered
  • Easy accessible tanks offer remarkable ease of filling, emptying and cleaning, even in the most awkward locations
  • The machine can be easily folded for storage and for easy transportation
  • Exceptional brush pressure of 35 kg
  • On-board battery charger
  • Roto-molded shock-resistant tanks, chassis and squeegee made of steel
  • Option: stainless steel (INOX) chassis and squeegee for Food industry


Model Е46C E46B AGM
Power supply Cable 230V Battery AGM 2x12V (24V)
Productivity 1600 m2/h 1600 m2/h
Cleaning path 46 сm 46 сm
Clean water tank 28 l 28 l
Dirty water tank 30 l 30 l
Work time unlimited 2h 40 min

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