STAMH LTD is part of an international STAMH Group companies.

STAMH is an engineering company providing consultancy, design and engineering of complex automation and mechanized warehouses, including management software.The company operates and has its own offices is in Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia.

Our main products are:

  • Different type of Automated Storage Systems for boxes and for pallets including racks, stacker cranes, conveyers and Management Systems
  • Vertical Automated Storage and Retrieval System for office and industrial applications 
  • Dynamic Roll Systems for pallets and boxes 
  • All kinds of roll and belt conveyers and Automated Sorter Systems 
  • Mobile Racking Systems for pallets and long material 
  • Palletizers and robocars
  • Warehouse Management Software - WMS
  • Lifting equipment
  • Professional cleaning machines



We believe our solutions meet your needs and contribute to your business success!

  • Mission

“Customized solution for every storage need” is not a slogan, but a reason why our enthusiastic, professional and motivated team starts the day with a smile, creating tailor-made, easy to implement and working solutions.

  • Professionalism

Our success and professionalism are measured by the business results achieved by our clients.

  • Customized solutions

We provide customized solutions, created to meet the specific storage needs. This allows us to know our customers better and establish successful and long-term relationships.

  • Responsibility

At STAMH, we profess uncompromising professionalism in our services and exceptional product quality. This gives us the confidence for a job well done and justifies the trust. We recognize the talent in our people and give them the opportunity to develop it in harmony with our corporate principles.

  • Respect

The people in STAMH are the engine of success. We respect their personal life, motivate them and inspire innovation and knowledge.

  • Social responsibility

The responsibility of our company and our customers is as important to us, as the responsibility to the society. Our company ethics, the constant effort towards improving the working conditions and safety of our people, as well as our participation in numerous social and donation projects are only some of the ways we try to work for a better tomorrow.