Аutomated storage and retrieval systems

>> Automated systems for vertical and horizontal space optimization. Perfect solutions for storage, retrieval and assembly works in the warehouse or the production base.
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With the Automated Warehouse Storage and Commissioning Systems, you control all the activities and the stock availability in your warehouse or production base.

In the same time you can increase the picking speed and your productivity in combination with higher precision, reducing the time needed for each picking operation:

  • Vertical lift system is perfect for tight storage with limited storage space. Using the vertical space of your warehouse you can increase the storage capacity up to 85 %;
  • Automated vertical carousels work with the "Goods to man" principal. They are perfect for goods and items with high access frequency.
  • Horizontal Carrousels speeds up the delivery times, effectively solves quick storage needs and provides fast and reliable access to each item;
  • Vertical bouffer modules increase the productivity, flexibility and convenience in the storage space;
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