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Automated Guide Vehicles: smart and flexible. Higher efficiency and greater flexibility with AGV.
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Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) systems automate workflows by managing and executing transport tasks based on optimized and flexible strategies. The systems are very flexible. Do you need more throughput? Then add more AGVs. Compared to conveyors, AGVs can be moved to another facility very easily. One AGV can replace the other during maintenance, providing maximum availability in your daily operations.

Ideal for most types of material handling, AGVs safely and reliably fulfill their duties. With modern navigation options and customized load handling, these AGVs are efficient in highly complex logistics systems and simple A-B scenarios. AGVs can operate as a stand-alone system or, if connected to an ERP, as a fully integrated subsystem of a complete plant.

Logistics is the lifeblood of the fourth industrial revolution and is making a key contribution to the Industry 4.0 concept. The intelligent, auto-guided transport systems provide a ground-breaking response to current challenges in intralogistics. 

Auto-guided transport systems are an integral part of the solutions portfolio for fully-automated intralogistics systems. The AGV fleet serves a diverse range of solutions for large and small load carriers that are capable of creating a logistics network, which encompasses various warehouses and working areas. The solution can be configured and also flexibly expanded to meet customer-specific requirements. Using a solution like this you will benefit from a significant reduction in operating costs and increased storage logistics efficiency.



Introduction in warehouse automation and material flow optimization using AGV support as a part of new feature technologies that cover the sharp need of finding resources in logistic processes. This is reflected by our ability to provide a broad range of AGV solutions for a vast range of applications. Proposed solutions start with transferring small transport units such as containers and cartons in areas with limited space. Larger auto-guided vehicles equipped with forklifts or conveyor elements for pallets and roll containers increase flexibility for demanding transport, storage, and picking activities.

AGV systems can be flexibly integrated into every unique warehouse organization, handling tasks from simple goods-to-person transport to a fully automated solution as part of a complete system.

The Automated Guided Vehicles utilize optical laser or sensor-based navigation. This guarantees you 100% reliability combined with state-of-the-art technologies. Furthermore, these autonomously navigating vehicles are fully compatible with lithium battery technology, enabling high-performance logistics concepts that are capable of operating 24 hours a day.



  • Flexible and scalable automation of intra-company material flows
  • Sustainable reduction of cycle times
  • Low investment and operating costs. Minimal infrastructure construction required
  • Reduction of subsequent costs (by minimizing transport damage and incorrect deliveries)
  • Optimum adaptation to dynamic logistics market requirements
  • The unique configuration of the individual AGV fleet
  • Maximum flexibility for warehouse picking
  • Gentle and safe transport of diverse goods and load carriers
  • Easy integration and low requirements for the (IT) infrastructure
  • Improved ergonomics and optimum material flows
  • Increased operating safety and improved working conditions
  • Suitability for use in demanding environments (deep-freeze environments or hazardous areas)
  • Innovative energy concept (automatic and rapid charging)
  • The greatest flexibility in terms of system adaptations and expansions