Escalator cleaner EUREKA EC52

Full cleaning of escalators and travellators. Effective and easy to use.

EUREKA EC52 cleans escalators and travellators using a dry and wet cleaning cycle. Effectively removes machine oil, liquids, pebbles, dried dust and dirt, which can damage the escalator steps or mechanism. This improves the overall appearance of the building and increases the reliability of the escalators. The revolutionary dual brush system guarantees excellent results and once positioned the machine works automatically, leaving the operator free for other tasks. The machine is suitable for all escalators and travellators 51 cm or wider. Edge2Edge® technology guarantees perfect cleaning even at the edges of the steps. Despite the many features and high performance offered by the EC52, it remains a compact machine.

Main advantages:

  • 180⁰ rotating brush head that allows cleaning of the steps regardless of their width without the need for moving the machine
  • The EC52 can be positioned and left to operate on its own without the need for the continuous presence of an operator who is free to perform other activities
  • The machine comes standard with a large range of cleaning accessories that make it the most versatile and cost effective on the market


Model EC52
Power supply Cable 230V
Productivity 1000 m2
Cleaning width 51 cm
Clean water tank 35 l
Dirty water tank 35 l
Work time  Unlimited

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