Automated Storage System for Boxes

Miniload Automated Storage System gives you the opportunity to store, pick and transport containers, boxes, cartons and trays, saving space and time.
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Miniload Automated Storage System is a smaller part of a fully automated warehouse, suitable for storing and fast retrieving different kinds of small handling units as totes, cartons, boxes etc. An additional value of this Automated Storage System is that you can execute fast picking directly from it, using cranes as supporting hands and delivering the items in front of the person.

The Automated Storage System for Boxes follows the "goods to person" principal with an impressive speed of about 120 double cycles per hour. This system converts the picking process into a play using the modular console.


This Automated Storage System consists of Racks, Cranes, Conveying System and Management Software

  • Racks are elevated in the warehouse. Cranes are moving in a very narrow aisle, assuring space for other activities.
  • Miniload Crane (smaller unit of the Storage Retrieval Machine or SRM) is the perfect solution for a fully Automated Miniload Intralogistics. This system enables the storage and picking of containers, cartons and trays.
  • The solution:
    • Makes optimum use of the available storage or production space, even in small warehouses.
    • It also guarantees the safe storage of sensitive or valuable goods.
    • Miniload Storage System can be used for refrigerated production spaces or warehouses;

There is a diverse range of load handling devices, ensuring there is almost no limit of shapes and surfaces of the stored or buffered goods. Together with the single or double storage handling devices of the crane, the load handling devices are optimally configured to match your requirements. The modular features provides you with a customized configuration together with an optimum price-performance ratio, providing short term ROI.

The Miniload Crane is designed for quality and long life usage. Innovation and new energy-efficient techniques are always a reason to invest in such a system.


  • Conveying system - it can be installed on a small footprint to assure high-performance picking process.​​​​​​​ You can learn more about the Automated Conveyors Systems for Boxes >> here.


It is important to focus the attention on the Picking Strategy that you will implement to receive more efficient storage and picking. That evaluation is always our first goal during the first meetings with our customers and partners. That's how we will be able to define a solution, covering real needs and saving time in all production and intralogistics operations.

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Benefits at a glance:

  • Solutions, designed individually for your needs, but using modularity of all components;
  • Diverse storage options and possibility to store different items;
  • Adaptability - different system sizes and heights;
  • Resisting extremely demanding conditions such as deep-freeze temperatures;
  • Systems can be expanded and modified, even after many years;
  • Comprehensive range of accessories;
  • Flexibility and sustainability;
  • Optimum storage density;
  • Rapid access;
  • Maintenance-friendly machine elements, due to the proven high-quality of all components;
  • Problem-free transport and short installation times resulting from modular design;
  • Connection to higher-level ERP systems or integration of the solutions via MFS and WMS software;
  • A complete solutions from a single partner;
  • Reliable planning and costs management;
  • Professional project management and installation, supervised by experienced project managers;
  • After sales service from STAMH (installation, inspection and services, rack inspections, spare parts or modifications)
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