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Compact ride-on sweeper EUREKA Tigra

An efficient ride-on vacuum sweeper designed to sweep small, medium and large areas. The Tigra is compact, user-friendly and provides an excellent filtration
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Ride-on sweeper EUREKA Tigra combines the maneuverability and simplicity of walk-behind machines with the performance of ride-on sweeper. Thanks to its size, Tigra is particularly suitable for the cleaning of indoor hard surfaces as well as large carpeted areas. The retractable, anti-shock side brushes permit cleaning right to the edge of the floor into confined area. Vacuum motor and efficient filtering system allows sweeping in the dustiest of environments. Fine dust is filtered through a polyester bag filter, which allows for an excellent filtering rate (99,9%) and has a much longer lasting life than traditional filters. The filter can be cleaned thanks to an efficient mechanical shaker. Maintenance access is convenient as well. Rear container mounted on wheels and equipped with a comfortable handle to allow for easier emptying. A second (left) side brush is available as an option. The machine is ergonomic, reliable and easy to operate and maintain. Ideal for sweeping indoor and outdoor spaces such as industrial areas, warehouses, logistics centers, parking lots. Available only battery powered.


Model Tigra EB
Power supply Batteries 24V
Productivity 5800 m2/h
Cleaning width 105 сm
Waste container 63 l
Max speed 5,5 km/h
Max gradient 8% (10%)

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