▷ Automated Vertical Lift Machines

➤ Automated Vertical Lift Machine, designed for storing, commissioning, and picking in different areas, such as production, distribution, retail, and warehouse
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Due to the extremely wide range of applications, ergonomic design, and modular flexibility, the Automated Vertical Lift Machine (VLM) is used in various industry fields like the food industry, the automotive industry, aviation, chemical industry, metallurgy, ceramics, and many more.

Our days, this VLM is broadly used in logistic centers, e-commerce distribution centers, and 3PL warehouses, where the storage, retrieval, and preparation of each individual order must be done extremely quickly, to satisfy the increasing demand.

This module will increase the picking productivity, solve your space problems and bring better organization for all stored items and articles.



  • The load capacity of each tray is from 250 kg. to 990 kg.

  • The total load capacity of one vertical lift module is up to 90,000 kg.



  • Energy-efficient: minimum electricity consumption.

  • Security and automation: the VLM automatically checks the weight of the tray when returning it for storage. Fully Automated Storage and Retrieval of the selected items;

  • Speed ​​and strategy: trays are stored dynamically at different heights, according to the height of the stored items. So you can store different sized items in the module, keeping optimal space optimization;

  • Strength: galvanized steel for the support structure and reinforced belt transmission;

  • Picking speed: immediate increase of the picking velocity and orders preparation speed after installation.



  • Storage and space optimization >> up to 90% warehouse space optimization after the installation. With the Automated Vertical Lift Machine, you can reduce 840 sq. m. horizontal warehouse in only 14 sq. m. vertical system;

  • To save time and costs >> With the “goods to human” principle you can achieve a productivity level of up to 120 trays/hour;

  • Risk reduction >> 100% protection for the operators in the warehouse;

  • Security for all stored goods and expensive items >> only authorized access with password is allowed;

  • Precise inventory management and control >> real-time connection with your ERP system and 100 % inventory control.


Module height: from 3 300 mm. to 16 100 mm.
Width of each tray: from 1 900 mm. to 4 100 mm.
Depth of each tray: 654 mm. / 857 mm.
Netload capacity of each tray: 250 / 500 / 750 / 990 kg.
Total net load capacity: from 40 000 kg. to 80 000 kg.
Total gross payload: from 50 000 kg. to 90 000 kg.
Мaximum stacking height: 695 mm. (S-sized bay)
895 mm (M-sized bay)
1,295 mm (XL-sized bay)
Productivity: up to 120 trays/hour 
Operators HMI/Interface: Industrial console with 10.4" touchscreen
Max. number of picking bays: Up to 3, also higher than ground / on the same side
Types of picking bays Internal picking bay / External picking bay
Unique / Double picking level
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