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Ride-on scrubber-dryer EUREKA E110-D ECO

The strongest and the most versatile ride-on scrubber-dryer
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EUREKA E110-D ECO is an innovative, fully automated ride-on cleaning machines for areas up to 30 000 m2.  It delivers incredible productivity and efficiency, even with very dirty floors. Low noise levels at work allow the machine to be used at any time of the day. The E110 is equipped with the patented ECOsystem, which provides up to 80% higher water and detergent savings than conventional cleaners. The model is ideal for shopping centers, parking lots, industrial halls, warehouses, logistic centers, public and business buildings, airports, railway stations and more.

Main advantages:

  • ECOsystem patented system allows for recycling and reuse of the cleaning solution, which increases efficiency, productivity and reduces costs. With the activation of ECOsystem, the capacity of the clean water tank is effectively increased to a staggering 660 liters
  • Dosing system for cleaning solution with possibility of increase and decrease (from the control panel) depending on the speed of forward movement - between 6 and 16 l/min
  • Automatic no-tool removal and install of the brushes
  • On-board battery charger
  • Automatic lowering and lifting mechanism for brushes and squeegee
  • Two stage brush pressure - 60/100 kg
  • Engine mounted in the housing, protected from hits and moisture
  • Automatic stopping of the machine when not controlled by the operator
  • Stainless steel protective filter for the vacuum motor
  • Non-marking, anti-slip wheels


Model E110-D ECO
Power supply Battery PzS 36V
Productivity 8800 m2/h
Cleaning path

110 сm

Clean water tank

220 l

+ ECOsystem

Dirty water tank 240 l
Work time up to 5 h

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