▷ Compact Automated Vertical Lift Machine - VLM

The Automated Compact Vertical Lift Machine or VLM means maximum use of the vertical space in a minimum footprint.
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The Compact VLM - Vertical Automated Storage Machine is a high-speed storage and retrieval system, perfect for a wide range of items and SKUs - from bulk materials to containers and trays (boxes, packages, cartons, sacks), a large number of small items, spare parts, coils or even flasks.

Compact Vertical Lift Module is different, because you get all the benefits of the vertical lift system on just 3 m² of your warehouse, storing a total weight of up to 25,000 kg. This is an extremely compact automated solution, optimizing your warehouse capacity, allowing you to enlarge your portfolio and storage usable space.



  • Space optimization: high storage density and small footprint. The area you need for the compact vertical lift module is only 3 m²;

  • Storage and retrieval speed: automation means picking speed incrementation. Your business will be ready to meet peak moments and increased demand for fast delivery;

  • Ergonomics: all items are easily and quickly accessible for the operators in the warehouse. The picking bay is positioned on an accurate level above the floor level;

  • Inventory control: always available and precise stock information;

  • Security: your expensive goods are stored in a safe place with personal password access;

  • Accuracy: less picking errors means more satisfied customers.



  • Exceptional space optimization: store and pick quickly among 25,000 kg., using less than 3 m² floor area and up to 7 m height;

  • Maintenance:  the system works quietly, no need for additional lubrication. The rollers self-adjustment system makes the Automated Compact Vertical Lift Machine really easy to install and adjust. Of course, you will receive full support from STAMH experienced engineering and technical teams;

  • Power supply: you can choose between the three-phase (400V) or monophase (230V) power supply;

  • Energy efficiency: low energy consumption and high productivity - less than 1.2 kW/h;

  • New Lift Technology: allows smooth trays movement, even if they are not well balanced;

  • Dynamic height between trays: you can store and retrieve different-sized products. Thanks to this feature, the Compact Vertical Lift Module automatically calculates where to store each tray in order to optimize the space;


Height of the module: from 2 400 mm. to 7 000 mm.
Unit height increment: 100 mm.
Width of each tray: 1 300 mm. / 1 900 mm. / 2 500 mm.
Depth of each tray: 425 mm.
Netload capacity of each tray: 350 kg.
Maximum total load capacity: 25 000 kg.
Maximum storage height: 650 mm.
Dive height/delivery trays: 835 mm.
Productivity: Up to 190 trays/hour
HMI (interface for the operators) 10,4" touchscreen industrial console
Number of picking bays per module 1
Energy efficiency 1,2 Kw/h for a 7 000 mm. module
Power supply 230V monophase or 400V three-phase
Do not waste your time, contact us and together we will find the right solution for you and your business Request an offer