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What is WMS? It stands for Warehouse Management System. It concerns all warehouse logistics. In other words, this is the software who knows WHAT EXACTLY happens in the warehouse and HOW to manage processes, people and machines. They have to work the best way altogether. Neither the accounting software, nor even the ERP do so. The WMS - Warehouse Management Software does it.
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  • Warehouse Management Software /WMS/ tracks and manages resources: raw materials, consumables, components and semi-finished goods, products, goods, packings, wrappings, etc.
  • WMS keeps records of all parameters like quantitie, location, lot number, production, expiry date, hierarchy of packing, metrics, co-relations of metrics, etc.
  • Warehouse Management Software manages all logistics processes: the inbound, the internal and the outbound logistics;
  • It manages the personnel: tasking, time and priority management and KPI tracking;



It is suitable in all fields of business related to logistics somehow. It manages warehouses in manufacturing companies (for raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods), distribution centers, fulfillment companies (for stock keeping, value added services and sophisticated billing), retail, transportation and forwarding business (for temporary warehousing, reorganization and grouping of freight), courier business (parcels and pallet management) etc.



With a well adapted Warehouse Management Software (WMS) platform you will achieve:

  • Precise information on stock availability, goods’ location and movements => avoid overstock and overstay of goods;
  • Optimized and well-arranged storage space and logistics zones => minimized price of storage space and maximized profit;
  • Centralized control of multi–locations warehousing (for dispersed companies) => optimized warehouse work-load and transportation;
  • WMS is a technology platform with the ability to maintain mobile terminal devices operations => more speed and accuracy of tasks execution and control;
  • Fast and precise put-in, put-away, replenishment and commissioning => lowers required staff number
  • Implementation of WMS Software ensures less errors and faults in operations => economy of redundant activities, return transport of wrong picked orders; avoid penalties and forfeits; prevent loss of confidence by customers;
  • With WMS you will work by rules and applying standards (like FIFO, FEFO, LIFO, FPFO, FOFS, ABC, etc.) => general improvement of processes and higher rating for customers and institutions;
  • Exact evaluation of service’s cost => optimal price calculation and fast/precise billing (useful for fulfillment companies)
  • Warehouse Management Software /WMS/ means full tracking and control over the work force (man-power and equipment) => more staff productivity and asset usage efficiency
  • Traceability on all levels => better labor discipline
  • Simplified, intuitive and customizable GUI (graphic user interface). Quick and easy learning for everybody => less dependency of qualified personnel or manpower;
  • Two-way real-time data exchange (integration) with other financial or management software systems . This gives you the opportunity to reuse the information and speed-up it’s flow within the enterprise => reduce the risk of mistakes and failure, gaining visibility on processes and financials;
  • WMS ensures configurable and controlled web access to specific parts and system functionalities for external staff =>highest self-service level for 3PL/LSP and less administration



  • Complete and profound information to support planning all along the supply chain;
  • Effective economies;
  • 360° visibility over the whole warehouse processes at a glance.
  • Unlimited number of standard and custom-developed reports;
  • Optimized and smooth operations;
  • High service level;
  • Happy and satisfied customers;

The optimized put-in and commissioning (also called picking) of goods are the keys to proper internal logistics. They can be leveraged by means of advanced picking automation equipment, governed by WMS. Such enhancements are pick-by-light, pick-by-cart and pick-by-voice technologies.

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