Stretch wrapping machine PKG DISCOVERY

The highest class of semi-automatic wrapping machine

PKG DISCOVERY is the TOP version of PKG for semi-automatic turntable machines. DISCOVERY has absolutely all the options that a machines in this class can have - full functionality of the software to adjust every parameter and customize the wrapping program to every client specific needs. Machine can work with every type of stretch film on the market depending ot the film carriage installed. The top version MPS2 carriage can pre-stretch the film up to 400% ensuring maxmimum savings. As option a top pressure unit can be installed, which makes it possible to wrap pallets with very light and unstable loads. Available in following platform options:

  • Standard version - standard platform with 75 mm height. Normal ramp with 1,5 m lenght is necessary to load pallets on the machine with pallet truck.
  • Transpallet (TP) version - platform with chanels for easier loading with pallet truck. A much shorter ramp is need, which saves space.
  • Slim Base (SB) -  special low platform, only 25 mm high with short rapms to make loading and unloading from any direction easier and more safe.


Carriage type Mechanical brake (MB) Electric brake (EB) Electric brake with pre-stretch (MPS) Electric brake with pre-stretch (MPS2)
Film stretch 20-50% (mechanical) 20-50% (mechanical) 150/200/250/300%
(motorized fixed)
(motorized variable)
Film tenssion adjustment Mechanical Electric Electric Electric
Recommended stretch film ENOxtreme ENOxtreme ENOevopower / ENOfuture ENOfuture
Turntable diameter 1500/1650/1800/2200/2400 mm
Max. pallet size 1200х800/1200х1000/1350х1200/1550х1550/1700х1700 mm
Max. pallet weight

1200 kg (TP and SB versions)

2000/3000 kg (Standard version)

Max. wrapping height 2500/2700/3000/3300/3700 mm
Platform height 75 mm (Standard and TP) / 25 mm (Slim Base)

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