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Inspection of all types of racking systems

The annual inspection requires professionally trained rack inspectors to inspect your racking that complies with the latest Euro Norm.

The inspection is done systematically according to a detailed inspection protocol and is afterwards documented through a detailed report.
STAMH Service has huge experience working in this area and has consulted extensively regarding the position of the DIN EN 15635 “Steel static storage, systems- Applications and maintenance of storage equipment”

Inspections are performed by a trained and accredited inspector, and undertaken at least once every twelve months. Following this inspection, a professional report is presented containing the description of the general condition of the installation (floor, usage, lifting device, load), and an overview of the measures to be taken, classified into risk categories depending on the severity of the damage and the urgency of the repair.

The inspector will be able to classify and evaluate certain forms of damage and deformation (protection systems, anchoring system, safety pins, yokes and beams).

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