Storage Systems for Pallets

Different systems to store parallelized goods. Discover our solutions to speed up the processes in the warehouse and optimize the storage space.
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Storage Systems for Pallets are the best solution for warehouses, storing medium and heavy loads. This racks are specially designed for palletized products and may have different levels of mechanization.

Each racking system has its own characteristics, features and advantages, depending on the specific needs, characteristics of the warehouse and the stored items.

Most of the racking solutions are modular systems, allowing adaptation of sizes and dimensions, as well as further expansion of the storage solution:


  • The most common pallet racking system is the Conventional Racking System.

  • The Drive-in System is suitable for a larger number of identical loads. This system eliminates the need of multiple corridors in the warehouse, increasing it's capacity.

  • Mobile Racking System - racks in the Mobile Racking System are installed on mobile bases, sliding sideways. This system is largely used in refrigerated warehouses and warehouses with special storing conditions.

  • If you need to store high volume of palletized loads and mass storage products, you should check our Radio Shuttle Storage System. It is suitable for faster storage and retrieval of each pallet.

  • The gravity or Live Storage System is the best solution when you need a lot of accessible items in the front part of the rack. This racking system allows perfect rotation of stored products, applying the FIFO method.

  • Self-Supporting Racking System is a solution for very high storage. The design ensures that the structure will be supporting the load of the stored goods and the load of various structural elements of the warehouse building in the same time.