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Different systems to store parallelized goods. Discover our solutions to speed up the processes in the warehouse and optimize the storage space.
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Pallet racks are stable constructions designed for medium and heavy loads. Each Racking System for Pallets has its own characteristics, features and advantages according to the specific needs.

Of course, the structures of the racks differ in size, level of mechanization and speed of extraction and storage.

STAMH Group designs, delivers and installs racking systems for pallets in more than 21 countries. Our specialized team takes into consideration all characteristics and specifications of the warehouse and the construction. We are always able to provide you with high-quality engineering projects and fast and efficient installation. We will help you choose the right racks or systems from different solutions saving space, efforts and money.

The Racking Systems for Pallets are always delivered with special accessories and connecting parts, making the whole structure extremely stable. With pallet racks from STAMH you ensure maximum storage density in the warehouse. Mechanized solutions bring speed and security.



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  • RACKS FOR PALLETS | Mobile Racking System >> This systems allows direct access to each pallet, while eliminating the need for corridors and aisles, increasing the usable space and pallets positions in the warehouse up to 100%. The racks in the Mobile Storage System for Pallets are installed on mobile bases that slide sideways. ❄️This Racking System is suitable for cold storage rooms and refrigerated warehouses with special storage conditions;


  • RACKS FOR PALLETS | Radio Shuttle Storage System >> System of Racks, combined with automated, innovative, robust and fast platform to retrieve and store pallets faster. The Shuttle Platform reaches a speed of 1 m/s and has a load capacity of up to 1500 kg. per pallet. ❄️This Racking System is also suitable for cold storage rooms and refrigerated warehouses with special storage conditions;





  • RACKS FOR PALLETS | Self-Supporting Racking System >> the largest engineering solution for high-bay racking. The design, construction and elements of this racks ensure that the racking structure supports the load not only of the stored goods, but also of the structural elements of the warehouse itself.


Pallets Racking Solutions provide high storage density, more organization in the warehouse space, stability and security. Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]! STAMH's spesilized team will provide you the best solution for your existing or future warehouse.

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