Mobile Racking System

INCREASE THE CAPACITY OF YOUR WAREHOUSE WITH MOBILE RACKING SYSTEM. Optimization of space. It's a perfect solution for refrigerated warehouses and cold storage.
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Design and Purpose

The Mobile Racking System is one of the best racking solutions to increase the capacity of the warehouses, keeping the direct access to each pallet. Racks are positioned on mobile bases. Mobile bases are designed and installed on rails, fixed to the floor. The bases are equipped with motors, electronic control and storage security systems that ensure the safety and efficiency of operations.


Main advantages and benefits 

The Mobile Racking Storage System opens access corridors between the racks only when/where needed. This way, the rest of the racks remain compact and close to each other. This is how you save space and increase the storage capacity of the warehouse, within the same volume.


Freedom of operation for the Material Handling Machines

The rails for the mobile bases of the Mobile Racking Storage System are dug into the floor of the warehouse. This way, they don't interfere with the free maneuvers of the operators, trucks, material handling machines or the lifting equipment used in the warehouse. The working corridor between the racks has the exact width to allow direct access to each pallet.


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Warehouse Management Software and Security Systems

Thanks to the WMS modules, developed by STAMH, the Mobile Racking Storage System for pallets in refrigerated warehouses, opens additional corridors for ventilation if needed. They can be with specific dimensions depending on the clients needs and warehouse characteristics.

STAMH's engineering team is very experienced in the installation of seismically secured high mobile racks in areas with potential seismic activity, protecting thus the stored items and the Mobile Racking Storage Systems, in the same time.


The Mobile Racking Storage System can be equipped with all necessary security elements:

  • Barriers;
  • Side protectors;
  • Emergency Stop Buttons;
  • Light and sound signals, activated when mobile bases are sliding;

Benefits for your business

  • Increase the capacity of your storage space up to 100%;
  • Save up to 40 % of your storage area;


1. Conventional Racking System


2. Mobile Racking System

Save up to 40% of the storage area

3. Mobile Racking System

Increase up to 100% the storage capacity

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  • Increase the CAPACITY of your warehouse up to 100%;
  • Innovative and modern Warehouse Management Software - WMS with additional modules;
  • The system opens an access corridor only where necessary;
  • Direct increase of the storage space, without investing in new storage spaces or buildings;
  • Quick access to each pallet;
  • Solution, suitable for refrigerated warehouses;


Conventional Racking System

  • Actual built-up area - 1400 m2
  • Storage capacity - 720 pallets;


Mobile Racking System

  • Warehouse area - 1400 m2
  • Storage capacity - 1296 pallets;


Why choose STAMH?

For so many years, we are creating inovative Storage System Solutions bringing real bennefits for our clients and partners. With our knowledge and experience, we develop modern racking solutions to increase your storage space and to optimize all processes in the warehouse. We are focused on complete solutions, allowing us to offer modern product range and comprehensive services.

Since the establishment of our company - and today, more than ever, we are working on numerous projects in all industries and businesses. This brought us the trust we need and won the No. 1 leader position in warehousing solutions.




We believe our products not only meet your needs, but also contribute to the success of your business.

Mobile Racking System may be a successful storage system for your warehouse. Let us store your business!

STAMH - Solution for every warehouse.

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