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Mobile Racking Systems – one of the best solutions for cold storage and distribution

Client: Bels is a leading frozen vegetable, blanched potatoes, pastry, frozen fruits, and ice cream producer and supplier. Their main logistics base is in the industrial zone of the city of Kazanluk – the capital of the Rose Valley. The brand is distinguished by extremely responsible behavior in terms of zero-waste production, the use of renewable energy sources, and clean and responsible production and warehouse operations.

Industry and specifics: Bels count on their own logistics and distribution networks, created and developed in tight cooperation with STAMH Group. STAMH supplies and integrates the racking system, suitable for the profitable storage, retrieval, and organization of palletized products in the cold chambers and refrigerated warehouses of the producer.

The remaining waste energy from the cooling of the refrigerators is used to heat water and offices in a closed, ecological loop. The company uses CO2 refrigeration compressors over the freon cooling systems, to ensure almost zero climate impact. The Мobile Racking System, installed and designed by STAMH Group, allows optimal use of warehouse space and volume, leading to optimal use of the cooling energy.

Project Location: Frozen products buffering and distribution require fast operations, always accessible pallets, and optimal warehouse volume utilizations, combined with perfect ventilation when the warehouse is not in use. The new logistics base, equipped by STAMH Group is located on a strategic location in the central part of Bulgaria, near the production plant of the company.

Project implementation period: This project was finished in March 2020. Since then, STAMH Group engineering and warehouse maintenance teams are providing inspection and servicing of the new Mobile Racking System.

Challenges: Constant maintenance of lower temperatures can be expensive. At the same time, Bels needs to operate with different pallets. Therefore, STAMH engineering and installation teams had to design, implement, and put into operation a new mechanized racking solution for 1925 different-sized and shaped pallets:

  • Industrial pallets with a size of 1000 x 1200 mm and a maximum height of 2450 mm
  • Euro-pallets with a size of 800 x 1200 mm and a maximum height of 2100 mm

All the mechanical and electrical elements of the new Mobile Racking System installed, needed to be functioning 24/7 at -20 °C.

Implemented solution: STAMH Group created a functional and optimized project for a brand new Mobile Racking System with racks for pallets, installed on a total of 6 double-sided mobile bases with 5 stacking levels. The system is more than 10 m. high. Its design and engineering eliminate working aisles between each racking block, ensuring more storage and buffering space and better usage of the cooling energy in the facility.

To provide even more useful storage space in the warehouse, our team installed a Conventional Racking System for pallets along the periphery and engineered a special passage around the entrance of the cold chamber.

Achievement: STAMH Group engineered and delivered all the elements and installed the new Mobile Racking System in a very short period of time. The main panel board installed near the entrance of the cold warehouse is protected by a Differential Magneto-thermic switch and controls the entire racking system. Each mobile base is controlled also from the insight.

The mobile bases are also controlled by individual control panels installed on each racking block. The new Mobile Racking System provides access to each of the 1925 pallets in the facility, opening a single working aisle of only 4.35 meters. The total length of the system is 22,82 m. so space is used much better, in comparison with Conventional Racking Systems. Thanks to the close cooperation between STAMH and Bels, the cold chamber is more profitable, energy-effective, and perfectly operational.

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