FICOSOTA counts on a new Mobile Racking System in Bulgaria

  • Client: Ficosota is a modern, dynamic, and fast-changing company. Ficosota brands are constantly evolving, being close to the people. Trademarks like Savex, Semana, Teo, Emeka, Motto, and many others are very well-known - authentic leaders in their own product categories.


  • Industry: Distribution in the food industry and home hygiene products requires dynamic service and fast supply to different retail chains in multiple locations. That means fast and flexible processing of palletized loads with different weights and dimensions, as well as maximum utilization of the available storage space in their logistics hubs, near the production plants.


  • Project location: Ficosota's well-segmented audiences require flexible and fast intralogistics solutions, and agile heavy pallets processing, according to specific needs and orders to the warehouse. The best possible utilization of the storage volume, near the city of Shumen, Bulgaria, without unnecessary losses of valuable space is another important aspect of Ficosota's logistics goals. Of course, the company has trusted STAMH Group for its brand new storage system - one of the fastest-growing international warehousing equipment companies in Central and Southeast Europe, today.


  • Project implementation period: STAMH Group's engineering, logistics and software teams designed, built, and delivered all the necessary components for the new Mobile Racking System, in less than 12 weeks. Different departments coordinated their work with FICOSOTA's logistics teams and together, provided the brand-new intralogistics solution.


  • Implemented solution: Engineering teams from STAMH Group designed a new Mobile Racking System, with a total length of 32 meters, with a single and very narrow corridor for stacking and picking operations of only 3.05 m. This way, STAMH Group engineering teams ensured maximum utilization of the storage space. The corridor of the system allows comfortable warehousing operations but represents a small % of the total storage volume. The new racking system for FICOSOTA is 6 meters high. It can store pallets on three stacking levels, with a total height of 6.95 meters in a warehouse space with a total height of only 7.57 meters.

On one hand, the new Mobile Racking Systems from STAMH Group allows heavy pallets buffering, and on the other - the ability to pick individual products, cartons, and non-palletized units and boxes on level 0, as the base of the racks is equipped with special base gratings.

Last, but never least, the new Mobile Racking System from STAMH Group is very secure. The solution is equipped with special anti-seismic elements, fire protection systems, laser security barriers, and easily accessible emergency stop buttons.


  • Achievement: The lack of separate corridors between each rack and the 11 mobile bases, manufactured by STAMH Group, opens a corridor for stacking and picking products only where and when necessary. This way, the strategically positioned warehouse of Ficosota in Shumen now provides tight storage and access to each category of stored products, with a push of a button. The possibility of up to 100% better utilization of the space in the warehouse, compared to conventional shelving systems, brings the possibility to store larger quantities, and reduce the storing costs of each individual pallet. It helps Ficosota to maintain better and more competitive prices in all individual segments.

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