Application of the Mobile Racking System in the pharmaceutical sector

STAMH Group designed and constructed a brand-new Mobile Racking System for light palletized loads in Sofia

  • Client: Sopharma Trading is a leading company in the pharmaceutical sector - a reliable partner of over 400 international pharma brands. The company's portfolio includes over 20 000 different products, and this requires new and well-organized logistics processes, including optimal use of the warehouse volume.


  • Industry and specifics: The pallets used by the company are not very heavy, but they are large. The products are light, which leads to the need to stabilize the product on them. The different orders to the warehouse and the characteristics of the products lead to the need for flexible management and quick access to each pallet. In some specific cases, special storage conditions are required.


  • Project location: Thanks to its three distribution centers in Sofia, Varna, and Burgas, Sopharma Trading provides effective national coverage and fast deliveries to the largest hospitals and health centers in the country. The base in Sofia, part of which was equipped by STAMH Group, is among the most advanced logistics hubs in Bulgaria in terms of technical equipment. Its total area is over 11,000 square meters and has 7 different refrigerated cameras.


  • Project implementation period and challenges: The design of the new system took STAMH Group’s engineering teams just a few weeks. All the necessary materials and racking equipment were delivered in about 8 weeks. The installation works took 4 weeks. Different teams specialized in the installation, inspection, and service of racking systems for heavy palletized loads to ensure the correct functioning of the system.


  • Implemented solution: The new warehouse racking equipment was designed for a total area of over 1,960 square meters and the goal was to use up to 100% more of the volume.

The need for intelligent design and engineering, optimal use of space, and the need for quick access to each pallet, made STAMH Group and Sopharma Trading, take the decision for a new mobile racking system for pallets. This type of equipment allows to open a working corridor only where and when it is necessary.

STAMH Group produced and provided 12 mobile bases, equipped with special electric motors that ensure the smooth sliding of the racks in the required direction. After the installation of the rails, the construction of racks for heavy palletized loads was built on each individual mobile base.

In zone 1, STAMH Group ensured the utilization of the vertical space with a total of 5 stacking levels, and in zone 2 - 6 stacking levels. Thus, STAMH enlarged the capacity of the warehouse to over 3 527 pallets up to 1.6 meters high and 2 012 pallets up to 2 meters high.


  • Achievement: The elimination of all the unnecessary corridors between different elements of the racking system and the intelligent engineering of the mobile racking system allowed maximum volume utilization. Today, Sopharma Trading distribution center is able to process, store and handle over 5 539 pallets, and each pallet position in the distribution center is accessible, by pressing different buttons.

Last, but not least, the additional personnel security systems and anti-seismic solutions from STAMH Group will be allowing reliable and long-lasting operations of the systems and safe material handling operations.

Don´t hesitate to ask for more information about the Mobile Racking Systems from STAMH Group, at office@stamh.com, now!