New Mobile Racking System - modern cold storage equipment for a leading seafood distributor

  • Client: Michik Ltd.


  • Industry and specifics: Michik Ltd. is a leader in the production and distribution of seafood. These products need special storage conditions in refrigerators and temperatures below -20 °C;


  • Project location: The warehouse, which also serves as a distribution center of the company, is strategically positioned near ports and railway logistics hub, at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. STAMH had to offer a solution, allowing maximum warehouse space utilization.


  • Project specifics: The Mobile Racking System was the best solution for the client. During the first stage of the project, STAMH needed to ensure that the warehouse has perfectly flat foundations. After the construction of the external structure of the logistics base and the refrigerated compartments, the mobile bases were installed on the special rails. The warehouse is divided in 2 separate refrigerated rooms, connected by loading ramps through a service corridor for the material handling equipment. Outside the refrigerators, the warehouse has a packing and unpacking rooms and additional services and administrative areas.


  • Implemented solution: Each one of the refrigerators was equipped with Conventional Racking Systems for 155 pallets and a Mobile Racking Systems for over 890 pallets. The combination of the two systems, allows maximum space utilization, which is extremely important, given the expensive maintenance of the special storage conditions, under -20 °C. The total capacity of the new Mobile Racking System for Michik Ltd., including the conventional racks is 2 102 pallets, with a maximum weight of 1000 kg., each. The mobile bases of the racking systems for pallets slide smoothly, leaving a free corridor for the lifting equipment. The additional Night Parking system leaves the necessary distance between all pallets to provide ventilation and even and proper cooling at night. The racking system for pallets is equipped with additional sensors and security barriers, easy to use internal and external control panels, thermometers and advanced cooling equipment.


  • Achievement: With the support of STAMH Group, Michik Ltd. counts on modern storage equipment, optimizing the maintaining costs for the necessary special storage conditions in the refrigerators, through the maximum utilization of the storage space.