Construction of a seismically secured Mobile Racking System for BHTC BULGARIA LTD

  • Customer: BHTC  BULGARIA LTD
  • Industry: Manufacturing, Leading company in the field of climate control and thermal control for the automotive industry.
  • Location: Bozhurishte, Bulgaria
  • Period of implementation of the project: 2 months, 1 month of which is assembly work
  • Challenge: Expansion of the company's storage capacity with very stringent requirements for a seismically secured racking structure and an integrated fire-extinguishing system. Maximum compaction of storage space. 
  • Solution of STAM LTD: Construction of a seismically secured Mobile Racking System consisting of 2 racking units with 5 mobile bases for a total of 2345 standard pallets.

Due to the customer's specific requirements for a seismically secured Mobile Racking System, STAM LTD engineers designed special additional rails and locking parts to provide the system with roll-over protection in the event of an earthquake.

The other challenge for STAM LTD was the customer’s requirement for the installation of a sprinkler fire extinguishing system in the mobile racks. Thanks to the joint cooperation of STAM LTD with the contractor of this system, after a series of meetings and specifying details, a sprinkler installation which "moves" together with the mobile racks was built for the first time.

The mobile racks were built with two-way access - front and back.

The whole project was completed within two months.

  • Achievement: The advantages of Mobile Racking Systems consist in the optimal use of the available space. The system is seismically secured and fireproofed, which meets the high requirements and standards of one of the leading international companies for the production of components for the automotive industry.