Mobile Racking System with further improvements for CERMAT

  • Client: CERMAT d.o.o. , North Macedonia

  • Industry: One of the leading companies on the Balkan Peninsula in the filed of ice cream and frozen foods production;

  • Location: Bitola, North Macedonia

  • Period of implementation of the whole project: 2 months / 1 month for system installation and implementation.

  • Challenge: Expansion of the storage capacity of the producer, combined with an engineering solution for refrigerated warehouses. STAMH accepted challenging customer’s requirements for the type and exact characteristics of the constructive elements of the storage system;

STAMH also had to provide a working solution for additional structures in the warehouse, needed to access the cooling systems. Of course, as the cost for maintaining this conditions in the warehouse is high, the main business goal of the client was to maximize the use of the storage space.

  • The solution from STAMH: Design, engeneering and construction of a Mobile Racking System - specially designed for refrigerated warehouses, operating at low -25 °C temperatures, with a total capacity of 6,197 pallets. The Mobile Racking System had to be implemented in 4, independently functioning refrigerated warehouses. STAMH engineered and installed 20 mobile bases.

Due to the specific requirements of the client, STAMH had to provide additional access to the cooling systems. This solution was designed especially to make easy all service and maintenance works in the warehouse. STAMH engineers designed a special platform, installed on static racks.

The Mobile Racking System was constructed with back wiring system. To protect the mobile bases, the rails and the products, STAMH installed additional nets at the base of the racks.

STAMH constructed the Mobile Racking System, meeting all clients’ specific needs:

  • Additional systems and options to perform fast picking operations in the warehouse;

  • Semi-automatic separation of the working corridor, in several smaller corridors, for better ventilation at night;

  • Automatic lighting, for faster and better working in the working corridor of the Mobile Racking System in each one of the 4 refrigerated warehouses.

  • Software module for remote diagnostics of the Mobile Racking System.

Achievement: Mobile Racking Systems may be the best solution, when you search for optimal use of the available space in the warehouse and time optimization of all intralogistics processes. STAMH can provide different software solutions and picking options.

The now operating Mobile Racking Systemis in Bitola, North Macedonia is made with galvanized elements, suitable for refrigerated storage warehouses, meeting the requirements and standards of one of the leading companies in the foods industry - CERMAT d.o.o.