Construction of a Mobile Racking System for Gotmar

  • Customer: Gotmar

  • Industry: Manufacturing, Plastic Processing

  • Location: Saedinenie, Bulgaria

  • Period of implementation of the project: 3 months, 1 month of which is assembly work

  • Challenge: Space shortages in the company's existing manufacturing facility in connection with business expansion. This necessitated the search for an innovative solution.

  • Solution of STAM LTD: Construction of a Mobile Racking System consisting of 4 racking units for 2871 standard pallets and 2 racking units for 1719 pallets.

The specialists of STAM LTD offered an individual solution for the construction of a Mobile Racking System. During its construction, the requirements of the client Gotmar EOOD (Gotmar) were complied with and some project specifics related to the construction of the existing storage space were taken into account.

STAM LTD came up with a complete solution by designing, delivering and installing the maximum number of non-standard gravity racks between the supporting columns in the warehouse.

The project with Gotmar was implemented in two phases.

The first phase involved the construction of 4 racking units for 2871 standard pallets. 

The second phase included the installation of 2 more units for 1719 pallets.

Five of the units are for standard 800 x 1200 mm pallets and one is for 1000 x 1200 mm pallets. The peculiarity of this project is that one of the units was an extension of an existing rack.

The whole project was completed within three months, with only the installation of the system taking almost a month.

  • Achievement: The advantages of Mobile Racking Systems consist in the optimal use of the available space. The system was implemented in the existing space, without the need for reconstruction, which saved time and additional investment.

As a major supplier of Liebherr parts, the new warehouse system of Gotmar can now guarantee rapid shipment of goods.