Design of a set of different types of systems for KT INTERNATIONAL LTD


  • Industry: Manufacturing, the fastest growing independent tobacco group with operations in over 40 countries

  • Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

  • Period of implementation of the project: 2 months, 1 month of which is assembly work

  • Challenge: Designing a set of different types of systems for different logistical needs of the company and for pallets of different sizes and weights.

Maximum compaction of storage space.    

Delay of the construction and assembly work of the warehouse on part of the customer, which led to the need for coordination of the assembly activities of STAM LTD with the other site contractors.

  • Solution of STAM LTD: Drawing up a detailed schedule for the construction of the different types of racking systems – Mobile Racks consisting of 2 racking units with 3, 4 and 6 mobile bases for a total of 4136 industrial pallets weighing 500 and 750 kg, gravity racking system for 264 pallets, Conventional Racking System for 72 pallets. Total storage capacity - 4472 pallets.

The Mobile Racks in the first unit were built first, while the construction of the warehouse was being completed in parallel. This was followed by the Mobile Racks for the second unit, the gravity racks and the Conventional Pallet Racks. 

Due to the high professionalism of the STAM LTD team, the installation of the racking system was completed on time.     

The whole project was completed within two months.

  •  Achievement:  Mobile bases save space from the work aisles and open them only when and where needed.

The Live Storage Gravity System allows the perfect turnover of the stored goods as well as the trouble-free localization of each unit, which in turn reduces the time for handling operations.     

This way allows the customer to perform the various logistical operations seamlessly.