Reparation isntead of replacement- the quickiest and cheapiest way to modify the damaged part of racking system.

Pallet racking repairs can be costly, but are a pivotal aspect of any racking maintenance program. Racking systems are constantly under attack by Fork Lift Trucks and inevitably damage occurs. However 90% of the time damage only occurs in the first 600mm of the upright. It seems a waste to replace the whole upright when only a small percentage of the upright is damaged. Our Stamh-service team enable repairs to be carried out with minimal fuss and disruption to the warehouse. 


  • No need to replace the whole upright
  • No materials need to be offloaded
  • No need to wait for replacement uprights and materials

Ease of repair encourages operators to deal with damage as and when it happens, creating a safer working environment.

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