Robotic systems for boxes or stacks palletizing

Discover different elements of a robotic cell for high speed palletizing of boxes or stacks.
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Robotic palletizing systems and cells are designed to improve, optimize and speed up the processing of cartons or stacks, avoinding hard manual work. They are created to increase drastically your productivity!



The pallets processing

A pallet dispenser feeds empty pallets to the system, and roller conveyors and special transfer modules for pallets deliver it to the palletizing area - within the range of the industrial palletizier. These robots are created to cover a payload capacity range from 40 to 1300 kg. per cicle, during very long periods of time with 100% workload. When the pallet is ready, it is transported to a fully automatic wrapping machine. Once foiled, the pallet is ready for transportation or storage and the next palletizing cycle has already begun.

The products processing (boxes or stacks)

Stacks or boxes enters the robotic cell, through a conveyor system for boxes. They are autmaticall transported to the palletizing area. When a certain number of boxes ot stacks (4,6,8 etc. - depending on their dimensions) is acumulated, the industrial palletizing robot picks them up, using a special gripper and aranges them on the pallet, in a predetermined order.