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>> Automated conveyor systems to significantly increase the productivity and accelerate all operations in the warehouse, production bases or distribution centers.
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Systems with Dynamic Multifunctional Conveyors from STAMH can increase the efficiency and productivity of the warehouses, production facilities or logistics, distribution and sorting centers.

The main purpose of the Conveyor Systems, is to reduce the times for transportation of goods between the receiving area and the storage or picking areas.

There are systems implemented with belt, chain or roller conveyor modules. They are powered by electric motors.

Conveyors are suitable, not only for large automated warehouses, but also for smaller spaces. They provide the connection between the receiving areas, the material handling areas, the shipping and expedition areas, the lifting equipment and cranes or the storage and racking systems.

With a well-designed Automated Conveyors System for Boxes and the Automated Conveyor System for Pallets, it is possible to achieve constant goods flow - something practically impossible with a manual system. The conveyor system can provide a well-functioning connection between the cranes and the different processes of storing, retrieving, picking and processing of different units.

Distances in the warehouse or the distribution center, can be covered using different transport devices and conveyor modules, depending on the SKUs. Systems are usually engineered following demanding requirements in terms of functionality, speed and configuration of the system.

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