▷ Automated Vertical Lift Machines for pallets

Warehouse automation for palletized loads. Automated storage and retrieval vertical warehouses for up to 100 pallets, 1000 kg. – each
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VLM machine for pallets integration is recommended for warehouse automation without making significant outlay and structural changes. It’s an inexpensive, modular solution, recommended when the number of stored pallets is reasonably small. Of course, the height of the machine, the picking bays position, and the processes organization should be previously engineered;



The system allows gradual integration of more VLM modules, alongside each other, with either front or side loading bays, according to the needs and the growth of your business. Several storage systems can be integrated into a row. You can integrate also one storage system with just one loading bay and one unloading bay because the internal shuttle can move from one VLM unit to another if they are all lined up properly by STAMH integration and engineering teams;



The solution makes the best use of the available vertical space, reaching up to 16 m. and saving up to 90% of floor space, leaving vast working aisles and corridors for other important tasks in the warehouse. It allows secure and perfectly organized processes. Pallets must be placed in the front or side picking bay next to the storage system, using manual or electric material handling machines, conveyor systems for pallets, AGV or AMRs integrated with Vertical Lift Machines management software, achieving 100% warehouse automation;

Although the system is designed to store pallets, it also permits the automatic storage and retrieval of boxes or bulk materials;



This modification of the Vertical Lift Machines allows integration of a front bay, side bays, pallets bay on the ground and standard bay for ergonomic manual picking - you can access the items or boxes directly from the side windows of the loading bay with no need to remove the pallet completely from the machine;



  • Dynamic trays distribution, depending on the height of the pallet on each tray - the highest point of each pallet is as close as possible to the lowest point of the tray above it, minimalizing empty spaces between trays and optimizing VLM volume utilization;
  • Smart and optimized AS/RS process – trays that are used the most are closer to the bay, reducing storage and retrieval times;
  • Variable gross capacity of the system from 35 000 to 90 000 kg;
  • A perfect buffering machine - receiving and shipping goods while providing a temporary storage solution for incoming/outgoing goods;
  • Mixed storage – some trays may be used to store pallets and others – to store non-palletized units;
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