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8 useful tips to select the right racking system

The type, size, and weight of the stored goods are only part of the parameters you should consider.
When investing in new warehouses, you have to take some important management decisions, related to the storage equipment and systems. They will make your new warehouse work for you as efficiently as possible.

Here we share 8 useful tips to help you take the right decisions:


1. Define your budget for the new warehouse equipment - the higher the capital expenditures in the beginning, the lower the operating costs in the future. Any investment in mechanization and robotics must lead to efficiency and reduction of operating costs.

2. Take advantage of your horizontal space - make the best possible use of the expensive industrial areas. Many racking systems, such as Drive-in, Mobile Racking, or Radio Shuttle Racking Systems are engineered to maximize storage density.

3. Use the vertical space - for some systems, the maximum height of the racks can be limited only by local regulations or the lifting equipment's reach and scope. Pallets stacking can often be done at 6, 7 or even more levels above the ground.

4. Take into consideration your material handling equipment - consider the maneuverability of your electric forklifts, diesel, and LPG trucks or reach trucks. The width of the aisles often depends on the characteristics of the lifting equipment.

5. Versatility – search for different configurations, because you may need to use the racking system for differently sized units. You can also define different zones in your warehouse – for palletized and non-palletized goods.

6. Defining different zones - you can consider the size, shape and internal flow of your products, as well as the goals of your new logistics center. Connect different zones with automated conveyor systems to speed up the intralogistics transportation between different zones.

7. Think about your inventory management - choose quick access to each pallet, box or tray and select well the right WMS system to provide control and quality management.

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8. Integrate all processes in a well-functioning system – nowadays, logistics centers perform many different operations. Some 3PL or fulfillment bases accept orders directly from online and offline eCommerce platforms, process different goods and items, pack, label, and prepare stored units for shipment, so our advice for you is to make all processes work in perfect synchronization.