The light-guided commissioning is probably the most wide-spread technology of picking automation. It is a realization of the man-to-goods methodology of picking. It could be performed as start-to-finish cycle or to be relay-race type process. How it looks like?

The system consists of many light modules grouped in lines and linked with barcode readers. All components are managed by WMS. When an order arrives, the WMS switches the indicator lights on and flash the displays up. The indicator lights show what location the goods have to be picked from, and the displays show how many pieces or packs have to be commissioned from the particular lighted location.

Our customer reports incredible speed of picking along with unprecedented accuracy:

  • more than 42’000 order lines executed by 16-19 workers in two 8-hours shifts (incl. replenishment, carton box unfolding and gluing with tape, weight control, sealing, etc.)
  • under 0,2% faults and mistakes