Industrial Robotics

Robots have changed manufacturing technology. Powerful automation begins with ready to use robots.
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Our portfolio offers perfectly matched automation solutions for more efficient manufacturing processes – from just a single robot to specialized cells through to complete system concepts. Here you will find an overview of all industries that can benefit from comprehensive product range.
The robot periphery is a factor that must not be underestimated when considering the efficiency of your production processes. With end effectors, energy supply systems, linear units and positioners, you can considerably expand the functionality of KUKA robots. KUKA offers additional modules for all payload categories, for full automation and human-robot collaboration. We will happily advise you on selection of the right additional module for your robot.
Industrial robots has been solving the problems of end customers, and ensuring their success, with efficient, state-of-the-art automation solutions.


Applications in Logistic and Warehouse Processing

  • Palletizing

Palletizing robots need to be high speed, with a large work envelope, minimum interference contours, and maximum robustness. The KUKA robots for palletizing applications are specifically engineered palletizing and depalletizing tasks with payload ranges from 40 kg-1,300 kg. These robotics are some of the highest in their class.

  • Food, Beverage, Sanitation, and Packaging Robotic Solutions

Food and beverage packaging for consumer consumption is a unique and challenging industry, and makes up over 40% of production costs. The repetitive motions of loading and unloading food and beverage robotic automation, the strict standard for hygiene regulations and sanitation, and the need for manual packaging growing, KUKA provides customized solutions for every requirement.

  •  Electronic Robotic Solutions

The demanding electronic manufacturing industry is always changing and adapting new products to reflect consumer needs. KUKA robots ensure the highest precision when handling electronic products by promoting unprecedented speed and automation to match the fast-paced demand of the industry’s growth.


Benefits at a glance:

Advantages of KUKA Robotics in Palletizing

  • Shorter Cycle Times
  • Increased Throughput
  • Low Space Requirements
  • Cost Effective
  • Streamlined

Advantages of KUKA Robotics in Food Packaging

  • Adept for low-temperature working conditions
  • One Control System
  • Heavy Payload Capabilities
  • Easily to communicate with other systems by their version of Software and Programming

Advantages of KUKA Robotics in Electronics

  • Master Small Workpieces
  • Integrate Intelligent Automation into Assembly Process
  • Shorter Time-to-Market Cycles
  • Increase Efficiency
Do not waste your time, contact us and together we will find the right solution for you and your business. Request an offer Do not waste your time, contact us and together we will find the right solution for you and your business. Request an offer