Expansion of the Coca Cola Radio Shuttle Racking System

  • Client: COCA CALA

  • Industry: Non-alcoholic industry

  • Location: Bulgaria

  • Challenge and provided STAMH solution: COCA COLA extended its Radio Shuttle Storage System capacity with extra 392 pallets positions

Radio Shuttle Racking System is a high-density distribution centers solution for pallets storage. With the help of robotized platforms, it makes easy to load and unload pallets. The system uses robotic shuttle platforms, moving independently on a tracks, built into the racking construction.

One operator is able to perform all the procedures for storage and retrieval of pallets, using a remote control for the robotized shuttle platform:


Main benefits of the Radio Shuttle Racking System

  • Efficient loading and unloading of pallets, ensuring high accuracy and precision;

  • Uploading times are shorter, increasing the overal performance of the distribution center;

  • Less damages to the Racking System, because the forklift doesn't need to enter working aisles;

  • Higher performance and faster storage and retrieval of pallets;

  • Compatible with the different pallet sizes and types;

  • The system is ideal for special storage condition and refrigerated warehouses;