Expansion of the Coca Cola Radio Shuttle Racking System

  • Client: COCA CALA
  • Industry: Non-alcoholic industry
  • Location: Bulgaria
  • Complete project implementation period: 
  • Challenge and STAM LTD solution: COCA COLA extended its storage system capacity Radio Shuttle with extra 392 pallet positions

Radio Shuttle Racking System is with a high-density for pallet storage, which with the help of the robotized cart makes easy to load and unload cargo pallet stored in it. The system uses robotic carts that move independently on a track built into the racking construction.

Operator performs all the procedures for the storage and retrieval of pallets using a remote control, which instructs the robotic cart.

  • To store a variety of items to a certainrow of the module.
  • Efficient loading and unloading, ensures high accuracy.
  • Time for uploading is shorter.
  • Less damage to racking items, because the forklift does not go inside (in depth).
  • Higher performance.
  • Compatible with the different pallet sizes.
  • The system is ideal for storage of goods in temperature regimes.