Radio Shuttle Racking System for the New PET bottling line Coca-Cola HBC

  • Customer: Coca-Cola

  • Industry: Bottling, Manufacturing, Distribution

  • Location: Kostinbrod, Bulgaria

  • Period of implementation of the project: It took 6 months from the development of the project to its full implementation.

  • Challenge: Coca-Cola HBC turned to STAMH with a specific case, related to the introduction of a new PET bottling line. The task was to provide an innovative storage solution as well as a picking area for processing orders to distributors.

  • Solution of STAMH: Our proposal was to build racks from the already known Radio Shuttle System, but with the innovative installation of picking tunnels to facilitate and increase the speed of orders preparation for individual distributors. With this solution, we achieved maximum compaction of the storage space, with the first level (ground) fully focused on performing picking operations with access to more than 300 pallets poitions, simoultaneously.

Radio Shuttle is a semi-automated and compact pallet storage system serviced by robotic shuttles that move independently on rails, integrated into the rack, thus it is not necessary for the forklift to enter the storage tunnels.

A big advantage was the use of the latest generation of shuttle platforms. They meet all safty standards and, at the same time, are much more efficient.

The solution we proposed was carefully reviewed by Coca Cola's professional team and approved for complete implementation by us. 

The challenge during this project was to fit into an extremely short installation deadlines, involving the gradual commissioning of racking units to allow finished production storage. There were a large number of working groups on the construction site and the precise organization allowed us to complete everything within the set deadlines.

  • Achievement: The Radio Shuttle Racking System is an innovative technology, making racking easier and more efficient. At the same time, it contributes to the significant increase in usable space, augmenting storage capacity.